Love letters to Bangladesh 


Love letters to Bangladesh is first of the series "Love letters to...". The project features countries that Liivaleht has visited and written a visual love letter to. Each contains photographs, postcards, video and a book.

Love letters to Bangladesh has an undertone of heartbreak and questions left unanswered. The postcards show timeline and predict correspondence. The book has poems in by Tiana that leave one wondering. The theme carries throughout this specific project. 

Bangladesh holds a special place in Liivaleht's heart. 


Dear Dhaka,

I am writing to you to see how you are doing?

I still remember the sight of people stopping when call of prayer sounded from the mosque speakers. I see them praying and devoting a fraction of their time to their higher power. I wish I had more time to see around.


See you soon,



Dear Dhaka,

I am writing to you to hear how you are doing? I still remember the noise of the boat motors. Almost like a drilling noise that makes my heart beat in the same erratic rhythm when I think about you. Did you hear my heartbeat or do you have too many of them to listen to?


Hope to hear from you,



Dear Dhaka,

I am writing to you to speak of how you are doing. They say you are better than ever. Frankly speaking, the corners of my mouth turn downwards. I miss you. I even miss the worst things about you - traffic, fumes, overpopulation. Speaking of which, overpopulation, that’s why you didn’t need another person there. 


Speak to you soon?